Habitat for Humanity: Lakeshore

Our team here at Spaces had the privilege of meeting with several Habitat for Humanity representatives from the Holland-Lakeshore area, all while trying to understand the organization’s mission. Homeowner Services Manager Judi Hill introduced us to the Pedraza family, one of the local families who were granted a house through the organization. Through their stories and voices, we learned just how lucky the Holland community is for Habitat for Humanity, and more importantly, how encouraging and inspiring it is to have neighbors like the Pedrazas.


Learn more about Lakeshore Habitat and the Pedraza family through Spaces’ features below.

Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity: Hope Restorers

Imagine a family of five living in a two bedroom apartment. Imagine sharing the thin walls of your dining room with strangers, and one night an arrow piercing through it. For Penny Sanchez and Sergio Pedraza, this chaos was a reality. Read more…


Building a House to Create a Home

Matt Zomerli may design and construct a house, but he is part of a team that builds a home. Now in his second year as the Construction Director for Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity, Matt has found his calling designing and building homes for families who have been selected by the non-profit organization. Read more…


Five Reasons You Should Donate To Holland Restore

There are many ways to help out Lakeshore Habitat. Whether you’re on site building or offering construction materials, there’s an option for everyone. Holland Restore is one of those options. Read more…