Five Reasons You Should Donate To Holland Restore

By Leah Sullivan


There are many ways to help out Lakeshore Habitat. Whether you’re on site building or offering construction materials, there’s an option for everyone. Holland Restore is one of those options. I asked two community members whether or not they knew about restore. Fiona, a student at Hope College answered, “I have no idea what it is.” Elizabeth, local a mother of two replied “I haven’t shopped there but I’ve been there before…my grandma really likes it.” For those of you who are like Fiona and Elizabeth, here are five reasons you should donate to Holland Restore.

1. Habitat donations are tax deductible.

Yep, you read that right! Just ask for documentation after your donation of furniture, home appliances, so on and so fourth. Use that documentation to save more money after filing your taxes. Learn more here.

2. You can get clear some space in your own home.

You know you have home accents collecting dust in those boxes in the garage. Take the time to sort through the items you know you don’t need and bring them down to Holland Restore. It not only helps others, but also helps you to clear out your cluttered storage space.

3. Recycling is awesome.

That old sofa you thought about tossing because the cushions look like oversized raisins? It’s got bones. Recycle! Take it into Holland Restore and let them refurbish and give to those who might need it most.

4. It’s an excuse to go thrifting.

Who doesn’t love thrift shopping? Nobody, that’s who. Why not go thrift shopping at Holland Restore! All (and we mean all) profits made go directly towards putting up houses for families in the community.

5. Restore profits go directly to provide affordable housing to the community.

Never forget Habitat’s mission, and that is to give back to the community. Each donation to Holland Restore, whether through furniture donation or a written check, gives members of the Lakeshore area the opportunity to afford a house, a house that they can transform into a home, just like the Pedraza family did.

It’s certain that there are pleanty of ways to get involved with Lakeshore Habitat, and the restore is an one of the best. Check it out today! For more information, click here.


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