Hidden Gems at Dittover

By McKenna Bland

If you have a passion for repurposing or a knack for vintage finds, you NEED to check out Ditto Upscale Resale. Like yesterday. The store boasts a section dedicated to affordable antiques, paints, and redone pieces – perfect for decor junkies and diy divas.

Dittover, as the section is been dubbed, is a collection of repurposed furniture, plus toys and trinkets which are displayed in “vignettes”, arrangements that help visitors picture the items in their own homes. The pieces are intermingled with a variety of new and gently used household items – sure to breed inspiration

Talented volunteers take donated end tables, picture frames, and wood scraps, turn them into something useful and charming for resale. Barb, a former art teacher, has been volunteering with the store for over a year now. She gets especially passionate when new donations roll in – that’s when her creative juices get flowing.

“Maybe it’s been sitting in a basement for years, or maybe it just needs spruced up, or a cushion is old…We get to be creative and add value and that’s what I love,” Barb says.


Ditto showcases its merchandise as functional seating in the new coffee corner. Serving free Simpatico Coffee, the spot expands the Dittover-vibe into the clothing side of the store. (There’s great selection of designer clothing at slashed prices in the Boutique.)

It can be a bit of a treasure hunt – but the thrill of the chase is exciting. If you’re looking for nostalgic items, or searching for inspiration, make a trip to Ditto today!